Keep up to date with the latest developements of 3D Adventure Studio.

24-10-2004 Signed for XP SP2

The editor and runtime are now signed for XP SP2.

24-12-2003 Editor debugged

The editor is debugged. It works ok again since the release of alpha5.

10-11-2003 Now with 3D Sound

The new release of 3D Adventure Studio features 3D sound. Also it has some things fixed like the Actions editor for the events.

13-10-2003 alpha 5 released

Alpha 5 is available now. It has:

  • Improved support for 3ds files.
  • Animated milkshape ascii files.
  • And you can make multilevel worlds.
03-09-2003 New CMS

The 3D Adventure Studio site is now running a new CMS running under ASP.NET.

Also the /3das/ part is not used anymore, so instead of:
http://3das.noeska.com/3das or http://www.noeska.com/3das
you now can type:

So please update your bookmarks.

12-05-2003 Release alpha 4.5 updated

Release alpha 4.5 is updated today. Fixes a bug with collision due to the new rotation options. Also rotation can be set to 0 for no rotation. And newly added objects can now rotate.

11-05-2003 alpha 4.5 released

Now you can rotate at diferent values along x, y or z axis. Just type in the angle in degrees after x, y or z. Items and Events that are no longer needed can be deleted.

05-05-2003 alpha 4 of editor and runtime released

Now you can create some more complex adventure games. Inventory system is available now. You can also create some more complex worlds as more types of 3d objects are available. Also 3ds files can be imported now into your worlds.

05-04-2003 Alpha 3 of editor is released

Today 5 april 2003 the alpha 3 verison of the editor and runtime have been released. It now allows you to create a simple maze game and or escape the room game.

14-11-2002 Techdemo#2

1 November 2002 The techdemo for the new engine of 3D Adventure Studio is released. Get it and try it! Some of the new features are:

  • Games are distributed in an encoded and compressed library.
  • XML is used to describe the game environment.
  • 3D Objects can be loaded from 3DS files, or you can use cubes, spheres etc.
  • Textures can be loaded from BMP and TGA files.
  • The 3D engine uses OpenGL and SDL.
  • And maybe some more ...

In the techdemo the xml files are stored outsite the library so you can change them and do some basic level design. Of course you are better of waiting for the release of the new editor due to be released in december 2002.

16-06-2002 New engine again!

3DAS will no longer be dependend on a third party engine. Previous engines used where morfit (to commercial) and glscene (glscene offers lots of functions but is grown to big). In a month time i will publish a techdemo of the new engine.

TODO: add paging again (either use webgrid or own custom method)