Lots of errors...

This looks pretty cool, but all I'm getting is errors.
nen.exe just freezes and then closes.
editor.exe sort of works, but I get errors all the time.
When I start the program and then maximize it I get "Access violation at address 00497E9C in module 'Editor.exe'. read of address 0000000C."
When I load 'nen.nsk' and click 'Scene 1' then I get "Access violation at address 690C6105 in module 'sisgl.dll'. Write of address 0000000C."
And when I clicked '3d meshes' an error appeared in the middle of the screen, and then another down and to the right of the firstand then another and so on until it reached the bottom right, the error window then flickered a bit and the whole program closed.

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